Health bennies; Meatatarian vs Vegetarian vs Flexitarian

The studies are now crystal clear – if you choose Vegetarian and Flexitarian…you’ll live longer if you limit your red meat intake. Studies have shown that regularly eating red and processed meats increases the development of heart disease and cancer, (partly because of the high saturated fat and cholesterol content). This week Archives of Internal… More

Achieving your New Years resolution? Try the sampler platter

Try different instructors and classes on for size! “Sample” different experiences to discover your favorite fit! Whether you are an advanced practitioner in yoga, fitness, dance…. or just beginning your journey, you should set expectations high (have fun and feel confident as your practice/fitness level is being expanded)! Sometimes it takes the boost of a… More

Nude Yoga anyone?

Imagine practicing Yoga on a cliff, with the warm sun on your skin. Now imagine the previous situation, but nude. If you were peacefully following me until the naked part, your not alone. Conceptually Nude Yoga sounds beautiful, but when I spoke with my students about it, none of them thought that they could feel… More