‘Oh, Yoga is easy!’…..”Yoga is just for skinny girls”….

Unfortunately there are amazing misconceptions about Yoga. People who have never taken Yoga often times will say, “‘Oh, Yoga is easy!” or “Yoga is just for skinny females, not for thicker people or for guys”….etc.

If Yoga is so easy, then why is the most common reaction at the end of a beginner class one of COMPLETE SURPRISE?! Inevitably at the end of a beginning Yoga class you’ll hear, “Yoga class kicked my butt!” “I feel completely stretched out AND WORKED out” Ha! This is not a S U R P R I S E to yoga practitioners.

Yoga is difficult and challenging in all the right ways. I’m convinced if you don’t feel this way- REGARDLESS of your body shape or sex- you NEED to continue looking for the right instructor that balances you and effectively challenges you, every class. If you’ve experienced an easy, boring or over the top too difficult class that’s typical. There are as many Yoga styles and branches as there are languages in the WOLD! So check out different instructors and Yoga styles. They are vastly diverse and I believe that there is a particular style and/or teacher out there that’s most attractive for every student’s need. You can use this link to help you find it in your community…(it’s the best one that I’ve found); http://www.yogafinder.com/

These incorrect perceived notions about Yoga make me wonder what Western culture in general think about yoga! Do people think Yoga is only for people wearing a turban and loin cloth seated w/ legs crossed, fingers touching and eyes closed singing.. “ohhmmmm”? If some people can believe that Yoga is only for skinny females, what are the other oh so wrong perceptions? :)  Yoga styles are as vast as language styles and practiced by folks who are equally as diverse. Yoga is for every body size, shape, religion, race and sex.

I’m curious if anyone has changed their opinion of Yoga after starting their practice? Would like to hear what your experience has been – good, bad or funny.

About Nicole Barrote

Nicole Barrote is a natural born teacher and leader who is passionate about people, dance, yoga and wellness. She leads by example as she enjoys a daily yoga dance & meditation practice. She has been a teacher of teachers for more than 10 years. Nicole has inspired hundreds of students and professionals to successfully pursue their goals. She is founder of two companies, Learn Pure (provides wellness services) and Jubilee Brand (provides organic products).

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