Nude Yoga anyone?

Imagine practicing Yoga on a cliff, with the warm sun on your skin. Now imagine the previous situation, but nude. If you were peacefully following me until the naked part, your not alone. Conceptually Nude Yoga sounds beautiful, but when I spoke with my students about it, none of them thought that they could feel 100% comfortable attending a Nude Yoga class.

I admire those that can experience a deep sense of self exploration …with it all hanging out! Maybe that is the ultimate achievement, maybe Nude Yoga is onto something. Being in tune with yourself, open minded and even sensual could describe yoga. So I get how Nude Yoga go hand in hand. I can also certainly see where the challenges lay.

1) I mean, wouldn’t you think twice before asking your friends, family and strangers to attend yoga classes

with you? Ha! “Oh yeah John, I forgot to tell you it’s a clothes-less class, surprise! So where do you want your mat, in front or behind me?”

2) Taking all your clothes off to practice yoga seems kind of counter intuitive to me. For example; sliding skin on skin vs skin on fabric makes asanas more difficult (Tree Pose, Side Crow, etc.) and how in the world do you not think about the person directly behind you on their mat in Konasana or Prasaritapaddatonasana (forward bends w/legs open)???!!! Sometimes letting it all go may not be a good thing.

3) Yoga teaches you how to use the earth & your breath to help awaken the sensations in the body – sometimes your intimate sensations awaken….your sexual organs included. I wonder how I would feel if my yogi neighbor on the mat next to me began to AWAKEN in a very specific area? Call me juvenile, but how distracting would THAT be swinging around in your periphery?!!

It would be tough for one to be in complete harmony and agreement w/ that kind of distraction. I guess if you like a meditation challenge- this would certainly be a good one for any experienced yogi!

If being naked in front of others is natural to you, then kudos I truly commend you!

I admit, being naked is a wonderful experience (especially skinny dipping- it’s one of the most freeing experiences I’ve had)! On occasion I practice Yoga in the privacy of my bedroom naked, BUT it is far too much of a stretch to join a Nude Yoga class, even for this yoga instructor.


About Nicole Barrote

Nicole Barrote is a natural born teacher and leader who is passionate about people, dance, yoga and wellness. She leads by example as she enjoys a daily yoga dance & meditation practice. She has been a teacher of teachers for more than 10 years. Nicole has inspired hundreds of students and professionals to successfully pursue their goals. She is founder of two companies, Learn Pure (provides wellness services) and Jubilee Brand (provides organic products).

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  1. Nicole,

    Thanks again for the great “yoga at the park” workout. I feel I learned a lot and will continue to assimilate the exercises into my normal routine. I liked how you combine yoga with the positive mental thoughts. Just for skinny girls?… not a description for what your lessons are.

    Good luck and hope to see you on the TV one day.


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