Workshops by Learn Pure

I. Jama Yoga workshop: Yoga and Dance Movement are two powerful rituals intended to connect your mental, physical and often times spiritual self. With Yoga postures we focus on the body and breath with a prescribed foundation of positions (asanas). In dance movement we concentrate on moving creatively with fun rhythmic beats that merge a strong base of prescribed postures (yoga), and free spirit of authentic movement which we call Jama Yoga (yoga dance)!

Jama Yoga enlivens the soul leading with the breath. In Yoga we move in set asanas, and in Dance we take flight into a rule-less realm. Experiencing this combination of the two forms catapults your physical and mental practice, as well as your creative spirit. We provide a safe space to step forward and grow your Yoga practice along with authentic rhythmic moves of Dance.



Workshops are open to both new and experienced practitioners alike.


II. Yoga boot camp workshop- This is currently ongoing through Dec. 20th 2012. Contact us to schedule this workshop in your community! (Yoga, fitness and personal trainers can contact Nicole for apprenticing her Yoga Boot Camps.)



III. Inversion Workshop- Contact us to schedule this workshop in your community!